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Our Estate

Situated at Merceana, in the heart of the Lisbon Wine Region, Quinta do Anjo extends over 250 acres, surrounding a 17thC manor house adjacent to a cellar of traditional outline. More than half of the property has already been planted with vineyards, accommodating the nearly two dozen varieties that provide the basis for the ‘business cards’ of the house - the wines 'Vinhas do Lasso', 'Terras do Anjo', 'Qta do Pinto' and ‘Quinta do Pinto – Grande Escolha’. In the remaining area, preference will be given to Portuguese varieties.

Legend has it that the wine produced here two centuries ago, being so outstanding in the region, was worth more Pintos, the gold coin in circulation during the reign of John V. The property’s wine still became famous in European courts. In addition, a Mr. Pinto was once a charismatic foreman of the property, well versed in viticulture and enology and, since then, the estate has been referred in the region as 'the Pinto'. A happy coincidence, Pinto is also the last surname of the present owners.

'Quinta do Pinto’ thus became the name of our wine project and also of one of the wines we proudly produce. To produce wine of recognized superior quality, that will be the maximum expression of the region – this is the motivation of the Cardoso Pinto Family in this project.