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Our Region

The Alenquer Region was once known in the Portuguese and European courts for its great wines, having reached their peak during the London Exhibition of 1890. It is currently back in the top of the international scene, thanks to the efforts of the present local producers - the famous ' Alenquer Estates', where our Quinta do Pinto is included - who have been playing a relevant role in valuing and dignifying the regional wines.
Between the slopes of the Montejunto Mountain facing south and west and the Tagus river banks, the vineyards form large continuous patches, protected from the wet and cold winds of the Atlantic by natural barriers. The lands, densely farmable, favor the maturation of the grapes and the production of more concentrated wines.
In the Alenquer (the crib village) region, one can travel through the most typical West rural villages, with their whitewashed windmills and houses, interspersed by imposing manor houses and a monumental group of Churches and Convents of great historical value.